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CT-9 Class Carrier by GratefulReflex CT-9 Class Carrier by GratefulReflex


The CT-9 series is perhaps one of the least attractive capitol starships ever designed. The ship’s design originated in the CT-9 hull which was intended to be the basis of the Saumur Commonwealth’s first attempt at a cruiser design. As a result the design has often been likened in appearance to a giant landing deck that just so happens to have other things bolted on as a secondary thought. While it is true that the CT-9 is 837 meters long with 422 meters of that length being the forward flight deck the vessel is hardly a haphazard collection of parts hastily bolted together. In function he landing deck actually allows for rapid recovery and launch of fighters due to the large area for managing star fighters. Likewise the side-facing small craft docks allow for separate flight patterns for small craft reducing possible collisions. While the ship is of course very homely it’s crews despite the large number of personnel aboard find their accommodations better then the rest of the fleet despite the vessel being notoriously noisy due to the obvious nature if the ship being a carrier.


The CT-9 class is agile for its original hull classification thanks to the installation of four Jump drives which through hyper ionic thrusters produce significant amounts of sub light propulsion. This peed of course comes at great cost because the engines take up some thirty percent of the crafts entire mass which owes to the unusual underside of the craft and the strange arrangement of reactor bulges to the keel. Supporting the speed of the craft is a reinforced internal frame work and respectable armor protection. In terms of armament the ship is armed as any good carrier should be, with a focus on anti-air, missile and torpedo defense supported with high quality sensory arrays.  Thirty-two 0.4” legacy gun AA/AMS-T emplacements dot the ship’s facings equally and they are supported by another sixteen emplacements each armed with four adaptive range missile launcher systems each with eight tubes and independent fire modes. The missile systems are used for much the same purpose as the legacy gun mounts. In what might be considered by some to be primary armament the CT-9 is equipped with four 8” Legacy Cannons in individual mounts with two of each mounted in the bow and stern of the vessel. The 8” guns are intended for anti-capitol ship use. Supporting the weapons is 6,460 tons of munitions.  Of course the real primary weapon of this vessel is its ability to more 3,795 star fighters and associated small craft. The total crew requirement for vessels of this type are a little over 10,000 personnel most of which are pilots and associated flight crew.

Deployment (as of 2052)

The CT-9 has limited numbers as of this writing. Thus far only the Ophathe, Suamur and Lexington have been completed with several others apparently in the works. Of the few that are known to be in operation their service records are quite good.

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thank you, shes hot the prettiest ship ever but critical to the fleet.
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Not the^
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