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XR-51-15 Strix (Decatur Pattern) by GratefulReflex XR-51-15 Strix (Decatur Pattern) by GratefulReflex
“Of clear design lineage to the earlier Corsair class the Strix series of stealth corvettes are readily 40% larger then their precursor and share a similar maritime influenced bow design. The stern however is clearly all starship and the proportionately large outboard engine nacelles are far better armored then they appear. All in all, the vessels of this class are some of the meanest starships around.” – Martin Hildebrand, Naval Architect.


The XR-51-15 is the living spirit of the concepts of durability and efficiency, as every aspect of the design has been quietly reworked without changing the vessel’s appearance except the trained eye of a naval architect. Physically just two meters shorter then the more numerous XR-51 The two share a similar core layout where outboard pylons support a pair of relatively compact engines and propulsion nacelles yet the coolant, fuel and other sustaining systems for the engines are buried deep within the craft’s primary hull. What has changed is the advancement of technology as the internal spaces of the XR-51-15 have been reconstructed with crew comfort and ergonomics in mind. A great deal of bulky equipment has been replaced by smaller more compact equivalents while special attention has been considered for damage control, crew survival and system redundancy. That said the Strix class is actually two classes of vessel, the XR-51 and the XR-51-15. This technical readout will primarily reference the XR-51-15 as it is the primary model. For note Louis Decatur was the original designer of the Strix class, and at the time of its inception the features and advancements that allow for the deployment of the XR-51-15 were as yet still in testing. Once the technologies matured sufficiently they were incorporated into the Strix design creating the ‘Decatur Pattern’ models that serve exclusively with the Core fleet. As such, all XR-51-15s have been formally called the Decatur pattern design partly because they are so different internally the extra nomenclature is needed, but externally so similar visually that allied units need not worry for which vessel they are dealing with.

The chief application for a Strix class vessel is similar to that of a submarine in a maritime navy. Typically the strix class will loiter in packs during a confrontation and take on targets of opportunity. Barring that they excel as raiders, scouts and often are the craft to make pilot and life pod rescues if the distress beacon is behind enemy lines. This all accomplished by a third generation Ezra’s Wheel type stealth device that absorbs sensor returns. Sub systems of the stealth system include emissions control, and heat baffles to hide the craft’s existence. It is noted that the craft’s hull has the ability to match the outside ambient temperature effectively making the craft as cold as space itself. The primary weapons consist of a pair of compact dorsally mounted torpedo launch systems a pair of primary energy based primary guns and several retractable turret mounted defensive cannon. Little is known of the nature of the six energy weapons aboard the XR-51-15 and the navy is especially secretive about this fact. Rounding out the armament is the standard array of forty multi-purpose legacy guns mounted singly in retractable ball turrets spread across the ship at regular intervals. It is rumored that the XR-51-15 also carries several squadrons of heavily modified Cymindis fighters but no evidence seems to support the claim.

As a final note to this entry tracking down concrete information for the Decatur Pattern ships proved somewhat difficult as the government and military was largely unwilling to reveal any secrets. Given the critical strategic value of the Decatur pattern vessels we cannot blame them. All information in this report was gathered from verified sources and pieced together to create a composite, the only aspect of this report that is absolutely government verified is the image. Please be aware that field conditions may prove some of this report wrong.


The XR-51-15 has seen extensive deployment with the Core fleets and the unit pictured above in this technical read out bears the tell tale green stripes of deployment to Ancerious.
CommodoreHorton Featured By Owner May 8, 2013
I really like the aesthetics of this design. Very clean, modern, yet industrial.
GratefulReflex Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you, the idea was to show a clear progression from the corsair towards the more spaceship looking designs. Btw she does float :D
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