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IPS-0091 Spiral-Vortex Entity by GratefulReflex IPS-0091 Spiral-Vortex Entity by GratefulReflex

Catalog Number : IPS-0091 “Spiral-Vortex Entity”

Hazard Category : Marginal

Containment Procedures : Entity is self-containing.

Description :

    The included images depict an entity of unknown origin that seems attached to a group of surviving refugees from the United States who were located against all odds in a structurally unstable industrial facility. In theory the groups attempt to send a distress call due to heavy radiation levels due to the United States desperate use of early atomic weapons in the final hours of the Anarch War. Scientifically their pleas for help should not have been able to punch through; likewise the industrial facility was so structurally unsound it should not have remained standing as long as it has. With all that said the entity now cataloged as IPS-0091 is a recurring entity that is now deemed a marginal threat as it seems to trigger on the attempt to harm anyone within the New Mexico refugee group but is otherwise inactive.

    The entity as noted in addendum 1 was first seen in a main corridor of the industrial facility, and seemed only to exist as a featureless shadow with an aura of light. The light itself seems to not be attached to it but is a feature in its appearances and is perhaps a means of communication. Based on what few features we can see in the still images of the apparition it seems to be taking the form of or was at some point a military personnel or some form of militia man. Attempts to record the entity have met with limited success at it only seems to appear in the 91st frame of the camera filming it or some multiple thereof. Otherwise mechanical methods of recording the entity have been impossible. Its IPS tag is 0091 to acknowledge this peculiar fact which may suggest the conditions of its creation. Dr. Landrum has suggested that perhaps it was in a 91st combat unit or if it is a ghost may have been the 91st to perish out of a unit. The survivors up until the incident outlined in addendum 2 had no knowledge of its existence.

    The second still image included with this report demonstrates the entity leading the extraction team to the survivors after a process that most on the team describe as ‘judgment’. According to private debriefings after the mission the team described this ‘judgment’ most often as if the entity were ‘peering into your soul’ and ‘scanning for your corruption’ and also ‘it felt like electricity like every nerve was zapped gently but without injury.’  Shortly after the entity seemingly approved of the extraction team it started down the hall behind it in the above picture, creating the spiral light vortex effect seen in the second smaller image. These light bands played out across the walls ever moving as the hallways behind the team seemed to be re-shrouded in the same darkness that hid the ‘vortex-hall’ in the first place. At the end of the hall was a very much makeshift bomb shelter shored up with whatever the survivors could find. The outside was reinforced with sandbags and concrete sacks as well as bits of metal old street sign posts and ruined automobiles. The inside appeared to be the former cafeteria of the industrial complex modified to house many more in this desperate survival attempt then it had been legally allowed to as a cafeteria. Our trans ports were able to extract survivors through an portion of the roof that had collapsed in in the office level above the cafeteria.

 Addendum: 1

[See Above image]

Addendum: 2

The apparition seems to manifest in protection of the group of refugees as was indicated during an altercation a long former national lines in one of the evacuation vessels. The ships security had been deployed to prevent scuffles but a psychologically unstable member of a former European nation blamed the New Mexico group for earth ‘going to hell’ and attempted to assault a teenager. Before Security could arrive the apparition appeared and by means unknown literally dissolved every bone in the assailant’s body causing a subsequent death from trauma and shock.

[OOC Note: the photographs used for this one are not mine, they were done by Roaming Focus Photography. ]

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GratefulReflex Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you, IPS-0092 will be a trip also.
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